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Chaos All Around: Reason enough to start writing regular blogs

by admin

Everybody is talking about something. The reign of ideas, opinions and reactions is flooding social media and mainstream media. It seems that we have come to a point in our evolution where the sheer noise of opinions would destroy a calm and reasonable sense of putting our saner thoughts together.

What am I doing here? Frankly, I don’t know whether I’m adding to the noise or talking to myself. Who gives a hoot? Who cares? Would my two cents count in the social-media-driven world of likes, shares and thumbs up?

I don’t know. I would learn along the way. But, I am dedicating my blogging site to the world of compelling ideas, inspiring thoughts, persuasive arguments and wonderful rhetoric, which has shaped our knowledge and understanding of our complex world. So full of brilliance, yet always mired in mediocrity.

The chaos seems to be growing all the time. The noise getting louder. The silence is not to be found, inside or outside. Meanings has got lost in clever designs of this world, more so with social media boom and media outreach.

Still I would write. Trying to make sense of all this. Looking at the world from my solemn detachment, with a wise passivity. Soaking in all inspirations, all distractions, all promises and all failures. Letting my pen (keyboard) do the talking.


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