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Another day in the paradise…

by admin


There is a sense of deja vu in reverse.  The crisis seems to be continuing and only extending indefinitely. Yes, I am talking of Corona pandemic.  It has turned our lives upside down, to say the least, asking us troubling questions and making us ask the obvious ones. The foundation of our times built over several thousand years is deeply shaken. Many pandemics came and went, but this one has stumped us like never before.

Contained in the corner of my room, days are passing, morning to evening, evening to late night and morning to fresh warnings and more bad news of its spread. Lives are getting restless and stricken with anxiety and several livelihoods gone in a flash of a few days. The hard-earned savings of working-class, who are impacted, would last how long, that remains one of the perennial questions in my mind. Are some of us going to be on roads from our carefully built social and economic vocations? Are thousands who have lost jobs would be able to regain their career tracks back in good time?

The peculiar nature of this pandemic seems to be favouring one group of people in kindness, whose jobs, whose businesses and whose lines of living has more value and potential, driven by the digital economy and now on the digital mode of working.  Unfortunately, on the other side of the spectrum,  the other group, whose work entailed more of the physical environment and working with people, would seem to be on the losing end.

Does the pandemic have a larger message for mankind? Not to ignore nature and natural laws. Not to be so progressively consumed with the progress of their world that they forget that an entire planet, plants and animals also share it with us. Is it a reminder to our governments and policymakers to prioritize the right concerns for actions, including substantial expenditure in public health care and research in disease controls and virology.

There are plenty of unanswered questions to my nebulous mind.  I just hope that we get through this and make the changes in us aligned to larger messages of this pandemic. I just wish that I come unscathed, both physically and financially, learning my lessons.


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